All WAGE world net companies pursue a positive agenda regarding protecting the environment in which we live and work.

This policy involves adopting the following practices and procedures: 

  • Priority is always given to factories that have their own environmental policy - ideally one that is in place, or if not one that is currently being developed and that will be implemented in the near future.
  • Priority is always given to factories that follow local laws relating to environmental impact, the use and disposal of hazardous materials and all aspects of waste management.
  • Only purchasing raw materials, or finished merchandise, from factories who use managed and sustained natural resources (where the product is suitable for this approach.).
  • Promoting the sale of products that can, wherever possible, be recycled (either in part or in full.).
  • All office waste is kept to a minimum. All office waste is properly disposed of, and wherever possible, recycled. Taking a positive approach to minimising the use of water and electricity within the office is also adopted. 
  • Companies are also committed to moving toward a paper free office.
  • Seeking to continually improve all aspects of environmental impact and waste reduction, as well as being aware of all new environmental initiatives.