Quality Issues

All WAGE world net companies companies believe in paying a fair price for our merchandise. This means purchasing our goods not from the cheapest factory, but from the factory offering the best combination of price, service and product quality. While at the same time ensuring that these factories meet all of our ethical and environmental criteria.


  • Quality control is a vital part of the process, and all merchandise is quality controlled prior to despatch - either by our partner factory or an independent inspection organisation.
  • WAGE world net companies companies also have a policy of only dealing with factories where we have either an established trading relationship, or a reference from a sister company has been supplied or (where we have not dealt with the factory before) an independent pre production inspection report has been supplied.


Factory Monitoring
Wherever practical, factories are regularly monitored and audited either by WAGE world net companies or independent inspection companies - to ensure observance to all of our CSR policies. Certificates to confirm adherence to these policies are also available where possible.

Responsibility for this Programme
The responsibility for this programme locally lies with the Managing Director of each WAGE world net companies company. This policy is also regularity monitored, and updated an an at least annual basis.